10 Best Attic Stair Insulation Covers

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  1. Miloo Low Dip Entrance and Tear
  2. Owens Corning
Best Attic Stair Insulation Covers

Your attic can either be the coldest spot in your house during the winter. And it can be insanely hot during the summer. This area is where the air escapes too. So if your AC is on, it will work double-time as cold air escapes into the attic.

And this can cause a spike in your utility bills. What you need is an insulation cover for your attics stairs. 

We have listed the best brands that have decent to impressive insulation prowess. We have a suitable brand that’s perfect for your budget and attic type. Let’s go on to our best list of the top attic stair insulation covers.

Here is the List of 10 Best Attic Stair Insulation Covers:

  1. Miloo Low Dip Entrance and Tear
  2. Owens Corning
  4. AT-5
  5. Bevel Energy
  6. Whistler
  7. Panady
  8. Energy-Wise
  9. Duck Brand
  10. Incly

Top 10 Picks for the Best Attic Stair Insulation Covers (A Product Review)

Are the attic covers the same? After all, they’re all shiny and mostly made from aluminum. But no, they can be very different. And these are the brands that can help pay for itself over time.

1. Miloo Low Dip Entrance and Tear– Best Overall Attic Stair Insulation  Cover

This insulation cover might even pay for itself in your heating and cooling bills.

This insulation cover has an amazing insulation prowess, you’d notice it instantly after the installation. And the installation was also less than five minutes. You’d notice it right away as the air temperature changes right after installing this cover to your attic doorway. 

It can also help you save on your utility bills. It’s perfect for the winter and summer when you want your hot air and air-conditioned air to not leak. It’s equipped with a double air bubble that prevents leakage. But albeit that, you won’t feel suffocated. This moisture resistant insulator allows you to breathe properly during extreme weather. It’s even as effective as a double-paned window

It also has a shallow entrance, so it’s easy to access your attic. It has a zipper for easy access and the sides are sewn for added durability.


  • 25″ x 54″ x 11″
  • 15.4 extra thick
  • Fireproof
  • R value of 14 
  • Reflective aluminum layers


  • Easy to access
  • Saves you on utility bills
  • Fast installation
  • Fire resistant
  • Great insulation from heat and cold air


  • Quality control issues

Why you should buy this insulation cover

It can save you on utility bills. And this insulator cover allows you to breathe better in extreme temperatures.

2. Owens Corning– Best Modifiable Attic Stair Insulation Cover

You won’t even break a sweat with Owens Corning. It doesn’t need to be assembled!

This insulator cover is for those who don’t want to do any DIY or installation. The Owen Corning is already pre-cut and can fit most standard size attic doorways. 

So all you have to do is roll it out of the package, unravel it, and then it’s good to go. It’s also highly flexible so you can easily configure it to fit your attic doors.

You can also modify or customize it according to your attic opening needs. It makes use of high-quality foil that prevents heat loss during winter. And prevents heat gain during the summer. It also has a substantial weight so it forms a tight seal on your attic doors.


  • Made in the USA
  • R value of 10
  • Product dimension: 36 x 60 x 3 inches
  • For attic doorways measuring 25-1/2″ x 54″


  • Does not need any assembly
  • Highly flexible
  • Fits snugly
  • Can be modified and customized


  • The silver covering can be pierced easily

Why you should buy this attic insulator

There’s no need to assemble it so if you don’t want to do any DIY, this is the perfect insulator cover for you. You can also customize it to fit your attic doorway requirements.

3. HYSHIER– Best Insulator Tent

HYSHIER has a higher R-value and you can feel a very noticeable difference in the heat. 

It’s a very reliable insulation cover for summer. It’s made of sturdy fire-resistant materials so the scorching heat of summer won’t bother it. 

You can also save on utility bills and it will spare your AC unit from too much work. This cover is also pretty stiff and holds up pretty well. But you won’t have any trouble accessing the attic. 

The zipper enclosure is easy to open, it glides smoothly. Some brands use a cheap zipper that gets stuck in between, you won’t have that problem with this brand.


  • Measures 25″ x 54″ x 11
  • Fire-resistant material
  • R-Value 15.3
  • Comes with installing sheets
  • Zipper access


  • Sturdy grade A fire-resistant material
  • Can also block dust and dirt
  • Reflects 95 percent of radiant heat
  • Easy to install
  • Durable zipper


  • Might not be stable for attics without a ledge

Why you should buy the insulation cover

It’s a very reliable insulator, especially for the summer. And the material is durable, fire-resistant, and the zipper is also heavy duty

4. AT-5– Best Attic Stair Insulation Cover for Large Attic Openings

This AT-5 insulator cover is durable and has a solid built perfect for large attics.

It’s specially designed to fit attic openings that measure 30 x 60. Thus it’s best for attic stairs. 

It’s pretty easy to install and covers your attic like a tent. You’d also love that its R value is the latest one in the market, -3.2. It has amazing insulating prowess and stylish design for big attics and lattices


  • Measures 30″W x 60″ x 13″H 
  • For attic doorways measuring 30″ x 60″ opening
  • R -3.2
  • For folding attic stairs, attic lattices, and knee wall doors


  • Stylish
  • Easy access with durable zipper pattern 
  • Latest R-value
  • Fit for large attics


  • Not suitable for small attic openings

Why you should buy this insulation cover

If you have a large attic opening, this is the product for you. 

5. Bevel Energy– Best Premium Attic Stair Insulation Cover

This premium insulation cover from Bevel Energy can create a durable seal on your attic doors. It retains cold air during summer and keeps the air warm for you during the winter. It also improves HVAC efficiency. 

It’s made of a 2 layer of aluminum material and with a bubble. It can deter up to 97 percent of radiant heat.

It’s designed with a zipper entrance so that you can easily access your attic. The zipper glides well, but you have to zip and unzip slowly as it can bend to a shape on the corner. This cover provides an excellent radiant heat shield for your attic. 


  • R value of 15.5
  • Product dimension: 14.8 x 14.2 x 2.7 inches
  • For attic doorways measuring 25″ x 54″ x 11″
  • Zipper access
  • 100 % money-back guarantee


  • Easy to install
  • Fits standard attic doors
  • Easy to access
  • Durable seal
  • Excellent radiant heat shield


  •  Some problems on the zipper

Why you should buy this insulation cover

It’s a premium brand with premium quality. And if you’re looking for the best product that can deter radiant heat, this is one of the best choices.

6. Whistler– Best Extra Thick Attic Stair Insulation Cover

If you’re looking for an extra thick and extra durable insulator cover, this is the best brand. 

It’s also fireproof so it’s very safe to use even in the raging heat of summer.

It creates an impressive seal on your attic door. It can efficiently retain warmth for winter and cold air for summer. It can also keep the bugs and dirt away.


  • For attics with opening measuring: 25″ x 54″ x 11″ 
  • Improved zipper
  • Product dimension 17.13 x 14.09 x 5.47 inches
  • R-Value 14.5
  • Fireproof
  • Zipper access
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Designed in the USA


  • Can reflect 97 percent of radiant heat
  • Easy to access
  • Extra thick for better insulation
  • Easy to set up


  • Installation instructions could have been better

Why you should buy this insulation cover

It’s a thick cover that can block almost 97 percent of radiant heat.

7. Panady– Best Energy Efficient Attic Stair Insulation Cover

Its performance is impressive and can top most brands in the market. It has a high R-value that makes it one of the best in terms of energy efficiency.

The Panady insulation cover has a double barrier and is made of high-quality aluminum. It’s heavy-duty and it also has a major HVAC facility. So this insulator cover will give you an ROI in terms of energy savings. In addition, the zipper is highly durable and won’t get caught in the middle.

And it looks a bit different from other insulator covers. It’s a stylish insulator tent. And since it’s made of fire-resistant materials, it’s really safe to use during the hot summer. 


  • For attic doorways 25″ x 54″ x 11″
  • Fireproof
  • Zipper access
  • R-value 15.3
  • Designed in the USA


  • Energy efficient
  • Heavy duty
  • Durable zipper
  • High-quality double aluminum material


  • Challenging to install

Why you should buy this insulation cover

It’s a heavy-duty double aluminum cover for a cooler summer winter and a hotter winter. It’s energy-efficient too and can give you ROI in a few months.

8. Energy-Wise– Best Energy Saving Attic Stair Insulation Cover

Energy-wise is made from high-grade aluminum material. It’s energy-efficient and can give you more savings in your utility bills. It can also extend the life of your air conditioner unit as it can effectively keep heat out during hot summers.

It snugly fits standard attic openings and it’s easy to access. 


  • R value 15.5
  • Product dimension 17.1 x 13.6 x 4.1 inches
  • Fits atic doorways 25″ x 54″ x 11″
  • Zipper access


  • Easy to install
  • High-quality zipper
  • Saves you money


  • Some customer wished it had more depth

Why you should buy this insulation cover

It can help you gain savings and extend the life of your AC unit.

9. Duck Brand– Best Affordable Attic Stairway Insulation Cover

Duck brand is an affordable solution that can keep you warm during the winter. It can also keep you cool during the summer.

This Duck brand insulator is easy to reposition. It’s not stapled to your attic door so you can change it easily anytime you want to. It’s also easy to assemble, and shouldn’t take you more than 5 minutes. It fits easily though it might be a couple of inches too long for some attic doors.

It can keep your winter warm and summer cool. It can also keep the bugs and the bees away.

It’s also lightweight so it’s easy to install and move. The insulin is not the thickest, but it works decently. And for its price tag, you would not complain.


  • For attic doors measuring 25.5 x 54 inches


  • Highly flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Easy to reposition


  • Some may find it thin

Why you should buy this insulation cover

It’s affordable yet decent insulation for the winter and summer. 

10. Incly– Best Return Policy

 It can reflect up to 97 radiant heat and prevent air infiltration. 

The Incly insulation cover is made of 100 percent double aluminum material.

So you stay comfortable even in extreme temperatures.

This insulation cover is designed with a shallow entrance cover. So you won’t have a hard time going up and down the attic. The zipper is easy to glide and isn’t flimsy. 


  • R Value 14.5
  • Fireproof
  •  100% risk-free purchase
  • Zipper access


  • Easy to install
  • Easy to access
  • Reflects 97 % radiant heat
  •  No questions asked return policy


  • Not the most durable

Why you should buy this insulation cover

Though some complained about the durability of the cover, it still has amazing insulating prowess. And If you do find yourself not satisfied, you can return the product with no question asked.

What to Consider When Buying the Best Attic Stairs Insulation Cover (A Buying Guide)

These insulation covers and tents may look the same, but they are different. They may look all silver but they can be made from a different material 

So here are a few pointers to consider when buying an attic stairs insulator cover. 

1. Size 

This refers to the size of both the size of the  attic opening and the cover. While there are insulators that are fit for standard sized attics, you can never be too sure. It’s best to measure your attic doorway before making a purchase. It can’t be too small nor too big. It has to be almost the same size.

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2. Materials used

Make sure that the attic staircase cover is made of high-grade aluminum material. And if it has zippers, it’s wise to go for durable zippers. A flimsy one can get caught midways. So it could get damaged and you need to have a new one sewn on.

Also, check for these sides if they are properly sewn.

3. Design

 It can come out as a cover or as a tent. And apart from personal preference, each type may be more suitable for your attic type. 

Step by Step Attic Staircase Cover Installation

Keen on doing some DIY? It’s pretty easy. You can save moolah and you don’t have to commission a professional.

Here’s how to install an insulation cover in your attic opening.

  1. Prepare the tools that you need. We’ll be needing the following- caulk, caulking gun, and a staple gun. 
  2. Make sure you got the proper measurement of your attic door and the cover. It has to be matched, not too big nor too small.
  3. Safety first. Close the attic stairs.
  4. Hover over the insulator cover over the attic opening. If you’re using a zippered cover, ensure that the zippers are located on the end of the hinge. Also, check if it will be easier for you to access the attic before installing it.
  5. Staple the mounting flange to the frame. Staple every side with 2-3 inch intervals.
  6. Using a caulk, put a seal between the frame and mounting flange.

How to Pick the Correct  Attic Staircase Cover Size

We’ve been reiterating early in this article that you have to get the proper size of insulator cover for your attic opening. How can you measure it? It’s pretty easy! All you need is a measuring tape. So here’s how.

  1. Measure the width of the attic doorway,
  2. Then measure the length of the attic door across.
  3. If you have a triple folded stair, you also have to measure the height of these stairs when folded.


What is an R-value?

R-value is short for thermal resistance. The insulation prowess of a cover or tent is measured by this. Typically the higher the R-value, the better capacity. And the higher the R-value, the better the energy efficient it may be.  

Is an attic tent worth it?

Attic tents and covers can be more beneficial for you. You might not notice it right away but it can help you save on utility bills. It prevents the leakage of hot or cold air. And at the same time, it can also block dust, dirt, and insects.

Why do I need an attic staircase cover?

Attics is typically the coldest area of your home in the winter. And it can get scorching hot in the summer. It’s also an escape area where air can leak. 


Attic staircase covers can keep you comfortable in extreme temperatures. It can help you save on your utility bill. And it can help also prolong the life of your AC unit.
Our list of the best attic stairs insulation covers can keep your cool in summer. It can also help keep you cozy and warm during the winter season.

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