9 Best Ladders for Stairs Painting

Best Ladders for Stairs Painting

Your stairs need a makeover to brighten things up. While it’s exciting to do a home painting job, painting stairs is a different story. Stairwells can be the most difficult home painting job. 

From the uneven space, narrow steps, to a higher height- these are some of the challenges you’ll encounter. And commissioning a professional can rip your budget. 

You can still do your DIY paint job in your stairs with the best ladders for stairs painting. These brands can help you with your makeover without ending with a broken arm or fractured leg or foot. And let’s see some safety tips that you have to know.

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9 Best Ladders for Painting your Stairs

So here are our best picks for the best ladders for painting.

1. Cosco Ladder- Best Multi-Position Ladder for Stairs Painting

Paint your stairs pretty and safe with this adjustable multi position ladder.

This aluminum multi position ladder is quite versatile. Since it’s a multipurpose ladder, it can be used in a lot of ways. It can be used as an extension ladder, step ladder, scaffolding ladder, stairway ladder, and wall ladder. And it doesn’t need tools to be converted into a different type of ladder.

It’s a suitable ladder for painting walls since it can fit in almost any corner. It conveniently fits into walls so that you can finish painting your living room. Another feature that makes it suitable for painting is it’s decently secure and stable.

The base is firm and non-resistant, so are the hungs. It’s also equipped with a hinge designed and spring locker. This makes the Cosco ladder stable and sturdy. 

This ladder is composed of 3 units that can be put together or used alone.


  • Multi-Position and multipurpose
  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Study and stable
  • Compact and portable
  • Slip-resistant


  • Aluminum material may corrode over time

Why you should buy this ladder

It’s a compact and stable ladder that can fit into tight spaces. It’s perfect for painting walls especially if space is a concern.

2. Orientools Ladder- Best Stable Ladder for Stairs Painting

Feel the safest when painting your stairs with the versatile Orientools ladder.

What makes this 22-foot aluminum multi-purpose ladder stand out from the rest is its leg design. The legs are sprawled wider to ensure more balance and stability. It’s perfect for those who aren’t that mindful or who don’t have a great sense of balance.

The material is also impressive. It’s made of an aircraft-grade aluminum material that makes it more durable than other aluminum ladders. The regular aluminum material is more prone to corrosion over time.


  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • More stable
  • Can be used on any type of flooring
  • Has wider rungs for more balance
  • Has wheels for easy transport
  • Hinge lock for safety


  • Some find it heavier

Why you should buy this ladder

It’s a sturdy aluminum ladder that feels more stable and steady with its wider legs and rungs.

3. Little Giants M17- Best Premium Ladder for Stairs Painting

A premium price tag fits this Little Giants multiposition ladder. It has everything you need to safely paint your stairs. 

It’s a 6-10 feet multipurpose ladder that can be configured for use on painting walls. What makes the Little giants stand up is that it can be used safely on any type of surface and you’ll still find it stable.

It’s also compatible with an Air Deck accessory port that can be attached to the ladder. This can serve as your tool tray so you keep all the essentials on hand.

We find the Little Giants ladder sturdy, stable, and secure. And it’s very easy to move it from one room to another, very fitting for painting the stairs. It has wheels for easy transport. The efficient locking system is quite impressive. So you’re sure that the ladder stays in place, they pop out and lock efficiently. 

We love how easy it is to use, it’s a not as cumbersome as some adjustable ladders on the market


  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with Air Deck accessory port
  • Has wheels for easier transport
  • Multiposition and multipurpose
  • Stable on any type of surface


  • May be heavy even with the wheels

Why you should buy this ladder

It’s a multiposition ladder that is compatible with an Air Deck tray tool.

4. Toprung Ladder- Best Ladder for Stairs Painting in Large Homes

If you’ve got big and grand stairs to paint, this is the best ladder for the job.

Toprung is a 17 ft. multi-purpose aluminum ladder that’s made up of aircraft-grade aluminum material. We find it very comfortable on the feet with its wider rungs. It’s slip-resistant too. 

You’ll also be getting 5 ladders in one. And it’s very easy to transform into a scaffold or an A-frame ladder whenever the need arises. You might not need any other ladder. It can reach higher heights, even at 22 feet. 

Albeit its aluminum material, it has a substantial weight. So it’s also suitable for industrial use. So we’re pretty confident with its stability and sturdiness. 


  • Sturdy enough for industrial use
  • Multiposition and multipurpose
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable on the feet
  • Slip-resistant


  • May not be youtube for small homes

Why you should buy this ladder for stairs painting

It’s stable and stderr that it can be used for industrial purposes. Though some may find it a bit heavy and chunky, so it’s best suitable for average-sized to large homes.

5. Vulcan Ladder- Best Value for your Money 

Affordable and pinch free, Vulcan ladder is a sweet deal.

Finger pinching is sometimes inevitable when you’re using adjustable and extension ladders. Though most brands may have a non-pinching feature, we find the Vulcan ladder the most efficient when it comes to this department.

It has a patented pinch-free feature that makes it 100 percent pinch-free. So it’s perfect for those who aren’t mindful enough. 

We also find it quite stable and sturdy. It’s a 17 feet aluminum ladder made from aircraft-grade aluminum material more sturdy than other aluminum ladders.

It’s also multi-position and can be used in 5 different ways. It’s also equipped with a wider base, so you feel more safe and secure even when working on higher heights. 


  • Wider base
  • Multiposition and multipurpose
  • Wider feet
  • Easy to use
  • Has a patented anti-pinch feature
  • Great price


  • Heavier than other ladders

Why you should buy this ladder for painting

It’s a real value for your money albeit its low price tag, it’s sturdy, stable, and almost at par with the expensive brands.

6. Good Life- Best Light Duty Ladder for Stairs Painting

This 17 ft telescoping ladder is a multipurpose and multi-position ladder. 

It has a 300 lb weight capacity but it’s lightweight and easy to move. The materials are more resistant to corrosion. It feels sturdy and well made too. And it’s easy to switch it to a different type of ladder. You don’t need many instructions, it’s like a no-brainer.

It takes very little space when it’s at its smallest setting. So it’s easy to store in your garage. 

Though some may find the steps a bit narrow. But it’s perfect for lightweight work and for painting around the house.  

Though there’s nothing fancy with the ladder, it’s economical and sturdy enough for simple home painting projects. It does have 300 lb weight capacity, but the narrow steps make it more ideal for people with light to average weight. 


  • 300 lb weight capacity
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Outfitted with wheels
  • Eats up a small space for storage


  • The steps can be uncomfortable

Why you should buy this ladder

It’s a convenient and lightweight ladder perfect for lightweight home repairs and small painting projects. 

7. HOMCOM ladder- Best Scaffolding Ladder for Stairs Painting

If you’re looking for a scaffolding ladder that can reach higher heights, the HOMCOM ladder is a great option.

Multipurpose ladders are versatile and can help you paint the stairs using only one ladder. But if you have high stairs, you need a ladder that can extend longer.

HOCOM is a multipurpose and durable ladder that’s suitable for home and industrial use. It can be used in more ways than one. And it’s one of the best multi-position ladders that world great as a scaffolding ladder.

It also has several safety features that make it suitable for stair painting. One, in terms of durability, we have no qualms about it. It’s made of a high alloy aluminum material. It’s a light but sturdy aluminum. Two, the steps and locks are reinforced. So this amps up our confidence in the safety of this ladder. Three, slip-resistant, and equipped with rubber feet.

Another feature that we love is that it can reach up to 82 inches, so it’s perfect for painting really tall stairs.

And if the ladder is longer in use, it’s very easy to fold it up and it requires only a small space, so storage won’t be a problem.


  • 330 lbs weight capacity
  • Easy to set up
  • Easy to use
  • Reinforced stairs and clocks
  • Hgh alloy aluminum material
  • Multiposition and multipurpose
  • Equipped with rubber feet


  • Not that comfortable on the feet

Why you should buy this ladder

If you’re looking for a great scaffolding ladder, this multi-position ladder fits the bill. And it can also be used in more ways than one. It comes with a great price too.

8. Little Giants Velocity- Best Multipurpose Ladder for Beginners

Novice painters will find the Little Giants Velocity stable and safe to use. 

Another Little Giants multipurpose ladder made it to our list. If you find the Little Giant M17 a bit heavy, you’re in for a treat. The Little Giant Velocity shares almost all the amazing specs and the wider steps of its predecessor. One of the differences is that this model is lighter. So it’s easier to move this ladder to different places.

It’s made of a special alloy meaning it’s 20 percent lighter compared to other industrial ladders. So you can still get the same benefits and enjoy the features of industrial ladders. But you don’t have to deal with the heavyweight.

And the best feature of it is its wide sprung legs, this ensures stability and most people feel safer too. It’s also quite easy to use, it’s equipped with dual pin hinges and rock locks for easy adjustment. There’s no learning curve either.


  • Weight capacity of 300 lbs
  • 9- 15 feet in height
  • Equipped with wheels for easy transport
  • Easy to use
  • No learning curve
  • Easy to adjust
  • Stable with its wider feet


  • May be too short for some

Why you should buy this ladder

If you’re looking for an industrial ladder with a lighter weight, this is the best option. The Little Giants Velocity also feels stable and sturdy even for those who weigh over 200 pounds. 

9. Flip N’Lite- Best Compact Ladder for Stairs Painting

Painting stairs for small spaces will be a breeze with the Flip N’Lite ladder.

If you have a really tight storage space, you need an ultra-lightweight and compact ladder. But of course, it should also have a decent height so you can use it for painting the stairs. 

This 6-foot ladder is the best platform ladder on our list. But despite its decent height, it can fold flat so it’s very easy to store even in tight places. Flip N’ Lite is quite compact that it’s perfect for those living in small apartments.

The Flip N’ Lite is another Little Giants brand. It’s a platform ladder that’s quite comfortable on the feet. It’s equipped with wide rungs so it doesn’t pinch your feet. Moreover, it’s easy to transport since it’s lightweight too.


  • 300 lbs weight capacity
  • Wide rungs
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Compact
  • Has a tall handrail
  • Equipped with rubber feet


  • Low maximum weight

Why you should buy this ladder

It’s ultra-light yet compact ladder but it’s solid and made of durable construction.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Ladders for Stairs Painting

There are several risks associated with painting the stairs. One, you’re working on uneven floors and you’re working on narrow steps. This could mean that one wrong move can send you to the hospital bed.

Two, there’s the height challenge. You’re working on an area where you need to reach the most challenging height so you need a ladder that can assist you with that. And three, there’s limited space. Stairwells often present the challenge.

So we have listed the best ladders for stair painting. And hover through our buying guide so help you buy the best one for your stair painting needs. 

1. Storage space

The best ladders on our list can be folded for deducing for easy storage. But you have to consider how much space you can allow for storage,

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2. Weight capacity

A stable and sturdy ladder offers between 250-330 lbs weight capacity. Allot a little leeway. So if you weigh 200 lbs, it’s better to purchase a ladder with a higher weight capacity. 

3. Height

What’s the height of the stairs that you’ll be working on? Rule of thumb, the fourth step from the top is the maximum safest spot. So look for ladders that can offer you that leeway. Usually, 17 feet ladders and above can help you the most.

4. Adjustable Legs

Painting stairways are very tricky so you need a ladder that has adjustable legs. That’s why multipurpose or multi-position ladders are the most ideal ladders for painting stairs. You can transform them into any type of ladder.

5. High-quality materials

The best ladders are either made of a special aluminum alloy or aircraft-grade aluminum. These are the more sturdy and durable types of aluminum.

Safety Tips for Stairs Painting 

Painting your stairs can be challenging and tricky. It’s also a magnet for accidents if you’re not going to be careful.

So we’ve listed a few safety tips on how you can successfully paint your stairs while avoiding accidents at the same time.

  1. Never put the end of the ladder at the edge of a step. Even if your ladder is slip-resistant, this can still result in an accident. Always ensure that it’s angled properly.
  2. Before painting on the staircase. Make sure your stairs are clean. Ensure that they’re free from dirt, debris, or any oil. And don’t polish your stairs a few days before the painting job. This can result in the ladder slipping from the stairs.
  3. Inspect your stairs if any steps need to be repaired. Are there dents or any chips? Any chips of wood can cause slipping.
  4. Some ladders may be a bit uncomfortable on your feet. If you can’t withstand it, you should have levellers and platforms on stand by. 
  5. It’s best to paint the stairs when everyone is out for the day. This will prevent anyone from bumping into your ladder.
  6. Start earlier in the day. The daylight will help you get a clear view of what you’re doing.
  7. Start painting the top and work your way towards the bottom part of the stairs. 


What’s the best type of ladders for painting the stairs?

Multi-Position or multipurpose ladders are among the best types of a ladder for painting the stairs. You need ladders that can be adjusted. And multiposition ladders are the perfect fit.

But you can also use platform stairs depending on the configuration of your stairs. Some people also use extension stairs. But it has to be coupled with levelers and platforms.

What are combination ladders? 

Some experienced DIYers make use of combination ladders. You simply put together 2-3 ladders to be able to reach higher heights. Where that can be effective, it’s not advisable if you haven’t done this before. And it’s also advisable if you have someone to assist you when you’re using combination ladders.

Can I use a ladder on carpeted stairs?

 Never place your ladder under loose carpets or rugs. This is a magnet for accidents.


Multi-position or multipurpose stairs are the best ladders for stairs  painting. They are the most adjustable ones. And the best brands on our list are durable, stable, and have more safety features.

Painting your stairs need not always end up in fracture or accidents. It can be fun and gratifying when you’re using the right tools.

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