8 Best Removable Ladder Racks in 2020

Best Removable Ladder Racks

Ladder racks are very convenient and can give you more cargo space. The more cargo space, the lesser the trips. And this will save you on the cost of fuel and transportation.

But to install a ladder rack, you need to drill holes into your vehicles or trucks. And it can be a long process. And what if you don’t really want a ladder rack on your vehicle all the time? 

A removable ladder rack is a solution to your problem. These racks can give you the same benefits and advantages of a ladder rack, only that it’s not permanent. And it’s also very easy to install and remove. So let’s see which brands made it to our list.

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Our Top 8 Picks of the Best Removable Ladder Racks (A Product Review)

Removable ladder racks are perfect for those who switch from work to play. If you want the versatility of having a ladder rack just on weekends, removable ladder racks can give you that.

So let’s see which brand made it to the top.

1. Werner Steel– Best Universal Removable Ladder Rack

Get rid of the hassle of custom fitted racks with a universal ladder rack. 

This steel removal ladder rack is quite universal. It can fit in almost any truck size. And if you’re looking for a ladder rack that’s easy to mount and remove when needed, this is the perfect pair.

It’s so versatile that you have to have one stored in your truck whenever the need arises. This Werner ladder rack is made of durable steel material and it boasts of a 250 lb weight capacity. It’s not heavy-duty, but it’s sufficient and strong enough for casual and leisure needs. 

It’s equipped with vinyl strips and cargo positioners so your cargo stays in place throughout the trip. It won’t slide off the truck or slip to the side with a quick turn on the road. 


  • Has pre-drilled holes
  • Durable steel material
  • Comes with vinyl strips and cargo positioners
  • Fits almost any truck


  • Not for heavy-duty use

Why you should buy this ladder rack

It’s a perfect pair for your casual and leisure needs. And what’s best about it is that it’s compatible with almost any truck size.

2. APEX ATR Rack– Best No-Fuss Removable Ladder Rack

It’s the perfect no-fuss ladder rack you can use to easily transport heavy cargo.

This aluminum ladder rack is built for the big league. It’s specially designed for heavy-duty use. But it’s not complex at all, instead, it’s very easy to mount and remove. So you can get that extra lift and protection without the hassle.

Installation is a breeze and you don’t even have to drill holes in your truck. So that saves you time. And if you don’t want to make any holes to your truck, you’ll find this ladder rack very convenient. Instead of holes, it features sliding systems and can fit most compact, medium, to large-sized vehicles and  trucks. It can fit most vehicles that measure 66-1/2” wide

And since it’s built for the bigger leagues, it has a weight capacity of 800 lbs. So this is one tough aluminum ladder rack. The aluminum material is resistant to corrosion and rust.

It also has a more affordable price tag compared to other heavy-duty ladder racks. 


  • Heavy duty
  • Weight capacity of 800 lbs
  • Has an adjustable crossbar
  • Easy to install
  • Light yet durable aluminum material
  • No holes needed
  • Affordable


  • Might not fit into a Toyota

Why you should buy this ladder rack

It’s made of a lightweight yet durable aluminum material.

3. AA Extendable Aluminum Racks– Best Versatile Ladder Rack

It’s an extendable ladder rack that’s perfect for transporting large items such as lumber.

If you’re looking for a universal ladder rack that would fit snugly in a full-size pickup truck, look no further. The AA Racks is a universal ladder rack made of high-grade aluminum material. It can also hold and transport heavy cargoes up to 800 lbs.

Another advantage of this removable ladder rack is it has a clamping system. You just need to slide and mount the racks to the truck. It’s pretty easy to remove them too.

It also features an over-cab design, so it’s very easy to put large ladders and won’t sway or wiggle uncontrollably during transport. The load stops are naturally perfect for lumber,


  • Rustproof
  • 800 lbs carrying capacity
  • Universal for all pickup trucks
  • Easy clamp system
  • Adjustable and durable
  • Easy and simple assembly
  • No drilling and holes required


  • Shipping problems- some complained of dents on the racks

Why you should buy this removable ladder rack

It’s perfect for transporting large ladders and long lumbers. And it fits most full-sized pickup trucks too.

4. AA Extendable Steel – Best Steel Ladder Rack

This is a ladder rack that can mesh both function and style in one durable rack.

If you’re looking for a more stylish ladder rack, you’ve landed on the right spot. The AA steel rack boasts of a more stylish design and more impressive look compared to the other brands on our list. It’s powder coated with white so it looks more polished and pristine.

It also has 4 additional hooks so your cargo is pretty much secured during transport. This steel rack is also bent resistant. It is composed of a solid central bar, two t sleeves, and 8 clamps. These accessories make this ladder rack quite durable and safe from bending or denting. 

It ‘s also pretty hay duty with a weight capacity of 800 lbs. So it’s perfect for work and play as well. It’s also easy to install. You don’t need holes or drilling. And since it’s extendable, it can be used for cargoes of any size.

And in case you want to bolt it down to your vehicles, it comes with all the necessary hardware.


  • 800 lbs weight capacity
  • Easy to install
  • Stylish steel rack
  • Doesn’t bend or dent


  • Not compatible with truck with utility track systems

Why you should buy this ladder rack

If you’re looking for a more stylish and pristine ladder rack, this is a great choice. It’s also extendable so it’s quite versatile too.

5. Vantech– Best Heavy Duty Ladder Rack

The Vantech is perfect for transporting heavier and bulkier cargoes.

With a weight capacity of 850 lbs and additional extruded aluminum crossbars with channels, this is the strongest in the lot. It’s one heavy-duty ladder rack that has a higher than average carrying capacity.

This ladder rack may be built for the bigger league. But don’t be intimidated, it’s very easy to install it. And another feature we love is that you can adjust the height of the rack just so long as you do so before installing it to your vehicle.

It’s very well built and feels solid. So you can transport any heavy cargo and still be confident with it. 


  • Heavy Duty
  • Has a universal pick up system
  • Well made and durable
  • Easy to install
  • 850 lbs carrying capacity


  • Can make noise during transport

Why you should buy this ladder rack

It’s a heavy-duty ladder rack that you can use for transporting larger and heavier cargo.

6. TracRac– Best Quiet Removable Ladder Rack

No whistling or noise during transport, just a smooth and quiet ride.

It’s a one size fits all ladder rack that’s pretty strong and durable too. One, it has a weight capacity of 800 lbs so it can be used to transport heavy things. Two, the aluminum frames are covered with a dual-stage coating. The coating makes it rust-resistant so it can last for years.

It also comes with retractable ratcheting tie-downs. These keep your cargo very secure while in transport. And it has an aerodynamic design, so it won’t whistle or make any noise when in transport.

And three, it can fit almost any sized trucks, so that’s pretty convenient too. And installation is a breeze. It has a clamp system and it’s easy to mount the racks into your vehicle.

The racks will not also marr the bed rails and the pads are great. Overall, it feels solid, strong, and durable.


  • Heavy duty with 800 lbs weight capacity 
  • Won’t make a noise while in transport
  • Adjustable load stops
  • Rust and corrosion-resistant aluminum material
  • Can fit most trucks
  • Easy to install


  •  Some of the holes don’t line up perfectly

Why you should buy this ladder rack

It’s well built, solid, and very quiet when driving through highways.

7. Westin 57-9005– Best Modern Removable Ladder Rack

It’s a modern US made ladder rack that’s solid and well built.

When it comes to durability there’s no better guarantee than a product made in the USA. The Westin 57-099005 is fully manufactured in America. So you can be assured of quality materials and high craftsmanship.

And what makes it stand out is its modern design with rust-resistant pads. And the LED lights are very convenient when traveling in the dark, they can illuminate your path. And they function well in the rain too since they are waterproof. 

It looks sleek and boasts of a pretty modern design with its form fitted mesh grille and steel frames. 

This removable ladder rack is durable, and rust and corrosion-resistant. 


  • Rust-resistant aluminum material
  • Water-resistant LED lights
  • Heavy duty
  • Has a lot of safety features
  • Comes In two colors- black and white
  • Made in the USA
  • Adjustable


  • Some complaints on receiving the wrong color

Why you should buy this removable rack ladder

It’s a well-built ladder rack made in the USA. It looks solid, feels strong, and looks modern too. 

8. Rack ‘Em Fitz– Best Truck Ladder Racks

It’s the best universal ladder rack for trailer trucks.

The Rack’Em Fitz is perhaps the best removable ladder rack you can install on your trailer trucks. It has a universal fit that’s compatible with all enclosed trailers. This adder is primarily meant to be drilled to your truck, but you can make alterations to it to make it a removable ladder rack. 

It’s quite heavy duty and stable. And it feels solid and well made, all because it’s made for extruded aluminum material. This type of aluminum is more durable and can last for the long haul. It also features 4 stainless screws on each side for that additional strength. 


  • Universal fit for trailer trucks
  • Heavy duty 
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to assemble and install


  • Needs alterations to render it a removable ladder rack 

Why you should buy this removable truck rack

It’s a perfect ladder rack for your trailer trucks. It’s solid, well built, and has a universal fit for all trailer trucks. 

Removable Ladder Rack

What to Look for When Buying a Removable Ladder Rack

Most ladder racks may look the same, but they aren’t. 

Here are some factors that you have to consider when buying a removable ladder rack for your vehicles, trucks, and trailers.

1. Weight capacity

The carrying capacity of a ladder rack is very important. Are you going to transport light cargo or heavy ones?

Are you going to move large ladders or long lumbers? 

To get the most value of your money, roughly calculate the load that you’re going to place on your vehicles and truck. Buying a low duty for heavyweight items can cause accidents. While buying a heavy-duty for light cargoes is a waste of your money.

2. Material

Removable ladder racks are essentially made of two types of material- steel and aluminum.

Steel is more durable and they’re made for heavy-duty cargoes. And steel doesn’t bend too unlike aluminum. Though aluminum may be inferior to steel in terms of weight capacity, they are rust and corrosion-resistant. And aluminum racks are lighter compared to steel. Steel racks can be quite heavy.

So you have to determine your needs and requirements. And gauge which material can satisfy them.

3. Size of your cargo

Heavy-duty rack adders will have a weight capacity of 800-900 lbs. But you must determine too how high or how big the cargo is. 

You need a rack that can accommodate items the size of your cargo.

4. The truck’s carrying capacity

This is oftentimes overlooked. You have to gauge how much weight your vehicle can accommodate. A heavy-duty ladder rack won’t necessarily make a truck heavy duty.

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5. Size of the ladder rack

Most ladder racks are adjustable. And extendable racks have a universal fit. But it is still best to measure the size of your vehicle versus the size of the ladder rack. Make sure they are compatible before making a purchase. This will save you from the hassle of having to return it or exchange it for another brand.

6. Budget

Before heading out to the store, compute your budget first. How much are you going to allot for a ladder rack? And do you have any allowances in case you need to make some upgrades or alterations? 

Setting a realistic budget will help you decide which ladder rack to purchase so that you won’t set your heart on something that’s way beyond your budget. 

More Tips on Using Removable Truck Ladder Racks

  1. It’s best to buy versatile ladder racks. These feature adjustable racks that can accommodate light duty to head duty load.
  2. To avoid shifting of the cargo from one side to the other, always ensure that your cargo is well distributed on the rack.
  3. To get the most value for your money, buy a ladder rack that is complete with safety attachments.
Benefits of Removable Ladder Racks

Benefits of Removable Ladder Racks

1. Saves you money

When you need to transport a larger cargo, installing a ladder rack is more efficient than getting a new truck.

2. Keep things organized

It leaves a lot of space on your truck bed for the smaller things.

3. Extra space for large cargo

A high ladder or a surfboard will not fit into your vehicle no matter what you do. And a ladder rack is the perfect way to bring these items with you.

4. Cost-efficient

It’s cost-efficient in terms of fuel. Instead of making multiple trips, you’ll just need to make a few ones.

5. Can add value to your vehicle

If you are planning to sell your vehicle, you can leave the rack on. It will add more value  to your vehicle with the additional storage.


  1. Are single ladder racks safe?

    Yes, these ladder racks are also safe when properly installed. But take note that they have a lower weight capacity.

  2. Which is better: aluminum or steel racks?

    If you’re looking for a corrosion-free material that’s lightweight, aluminum ladder racks are a perfect choice. Aluminum also improves mileage.

    But if you’re transporting heavy cargo, steel is the best material. They’re more durable and less likely to bend. 

  3. Are custom fit racks better than universal fit racks?

    Custom-fit racks look more fashionable and you can even personalize it. But if you’re upgrading your ladder racks from time to time, it may be costly to have a custom-fitted one every single time. 

  4. Aside from Amazon, where else can I buy removable truck ladder racks online?

    You can also check out lowes.com for the best removable ladder racks. 


Removable ladder racks have some advantages over the permanently installed ones. It’s easier to use and you can change it every time. We have listed the best removable ladder racks that you can buy for your vehicles and trucks. And don’t forget to visit our section on how to purchase the suitable ladder rack for your vehicle.

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