How to Build a Loft Ladder

How to Build a Loft Ladder

The classic loft ladder is perfect for a tiny house ladder. However, the trick is to find the best plan on how to build a loft ladder. Experiment with various plans to see which one fits your tiny house better and will have the best results. Ready to start? This article will definitely help you out.

Tips on How to Build a Loft Ladder

You begin by determining the tread and riser lengths, similar to the typical stair construction. Let me show you how to do it step by step.

Step 1: Gather all of the needed supplies and tools.

The following components are required:

  • Two parts a total of 2×4 lumber for the ladder rail
  • 2×4 of lumber for rungs is needed for loft ladder plans.
  • Screws or nails
  • Pencil and measuring tape

The following are the tools you’ll need:

  • Square framing
  • Miter saws are used to cut miter joints.
  • Saw with a circular blade
  • Drill or hammer the hinges

Step 2: Determine the ladder’s appropriate height.

Once you begin the process of loft ladder plans, you must first determine the appropriate stair height. To assess this, calculate the distance from the ground to the loft landing platform. Then multiply this number by 12 inches. It will assist you in determining the length of the ladder’s rails.

Stage 3: Weigh and cut the lumber for the ladder rails.

Using a miter saw, cut two 2 x 4 lumber pieces to this size. The 2 x 4 lumber is the most common material used to build a custom attic ladder. In case that this is not available thicker wood may also be used.

Step 4: Assess the angle at which the rails’ bottom ends meet.

From the floor, lean the rails up against the attic. Calculate the angle created by the rails with the floor’s perpendicular. To decide the angle, you can use a framing square. Alternatively, you can measure the angle needed to align the ladder with the floor.

Step 5: Start cutting the bottom ends.

At one end, each of the lumbers must be cut at the same angle. We used a 15-degree angle to cut the end in this instance. The lower foot of the ladder is these two pointed ends. The circular saw, or you can use a radial-arm saw, can cut these parts. 

Step 6: Count how many rungs there are. 2x4s should be marked and cut correctly.

You’ll learn how to build a loft ladder at this point, as well as how many more steps you’ll need. Begin by labeling the positions of the bottom and top steps on one of the ladder rails.

At the 12-inch mark from the bottom end of both bits, measure and make a mark. It is the first rung’s location.

Again, measure from the top of each piece and mark the top rung at 12-inches. Then, measure the top and bottom rungs.

For each move, make a mark on the rails. Bear in mind that the steps should not be more than 10.5 inches away. E.g., if your ladder is 8 feet long, the overall number of steps would be 8 to 9.

Step 7: Connect the railings to the rungs.

To do so, place the rung and lock each side of every single rung to the rail. Make sure to use a heavy-duty nail on each end. With a driver/drill, drive them in. To install all of the rungs, repeat the cycle.

Step 8: Create a folding ladder out of this straight ladder.

It’s simple to fold and stack a folding loft ladder. Split it in half lengthwise with a circular saw to make two bits for a folding ladder. Make sure that you divided it into two separate parts again. That means you’ll get three pieces in all.

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Step 9: Assemble the three parts.

Using hinges, connect all three parts of the ladder. It will allow you to fold the parts in an accordion-style fold on top of one another.

Step 10: Establish the ladder to the loft.

It would be best if you connected the ladder to the loft entrance. The loft door is screwed to the longest part of the ladder. For a gleaming finish, sand the ladder and apply wood varnish. At last, you’ve created a simple, attractive, and usable loft ladder.


Here are frequently asked questions on how to build a loft ladder.

How much weight can a loft ladder hold?

The weight limit or load normally begins at 100kg for loft ladders and rises to around 175kg.

What would the angle of a loft ladder be?

The angle of the loft ladder should be at 61 degrees. Tolerances and weight limit capacity of the loft ladder (150kg). The tiny house stairs (61 degrees when deployed to prevent it from becoming too steep) under pressure. Simultaneously, the rungs have the potential to bend—the gap between the handrails or stiles. Thus, consider buying quality materials to build a strong loft ladder.

What is the width of a loft ladder?

Loft ladders are available in a variety of sizes. The majority of tiny house stairs are extendable and can be modified by adding sections, so the length isn’t an issue. The easier it is to climb the loft ladder, the wider it is. Even so, this has the drawback of making the item heavier and taking up more room.


One of the most important benefits of loft ladders is that they are much easier to use and secure. To begin, determine whether or not mobility is an issue. In this case, you’ll know that building a loft ladder is exactly what you want. It promotes contact with mates and safety for your family and friends.

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