Werner MT 26 vs Little Giant 15426 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Werner MT 26 vs Little Giant 15426

When it comes to DIYs and home repair jobs, you need a reliable ladder. And these two brands are quite popular because of their versatility. The Werner mt-26 and the Little Giant 15426 are both multipurpose and can be used for a variety of home repair and painting jobs.

Even ladies can access these ladders. And though both ladders are on top of the tier, one can serve you better than the other.

Werner MT 26 vs Little Giant 1542, which is better. Let’s compare them side by side so that you can see which is more of value to you.

The Similarities

Before we dive into the comparison chart, let’s see what makes these 2 ladders similar.

1. Versatility

As mentioned in our introduction, both ladders are multipurpose and very versatile. If you want to buy a ladder for your home DIYs, versatility is one of the main factors that you would consider. It will save you money since you don’t need to buy a couple of ladders for different types of jobs.

Both ladders can be used in five different p[ositons. It can be utilized as a twin step ladder, an extension ladder, a stairway ladder, a wall ladder, and a scaffold base. 

They also have the same weight capacity of 300 lbs and have the same duty rating (1A).

2. Same material

Both ladders are made of the same material, aluminum. And both have a silver body

3. Measurement

The Werner mt 26 and the LIttle Giant have a height of 26 ft.

4. Flared base

Werner mt 26 and Little Giant both boast of a wide flared base that gives more stability to users. 

What makes each one different

And now that you know what similar features they have, let’s see what makes each one different from the other

Werner MT 26 vs Little Giant 15426- Spotting the Differences

1. The dimensions and measurement

Though both ladders have a height of 26 ft, the dimensions can still be different, how come?

The Little Giant ladder can be folded. Thus, the measurement will change. When folded, it measures 79 x 31 x 8 inches. Hence it makes the ladder easy to park in your garage. 

The Werner, on the other hand, still has a compact size with a height of 26 ft. But the Little Giant ladder is easier to stow away when not needed. And it will eat a little space in your garage too

2. Weight

Though both ladders are made of the same lightweight material, aluminum, one is still lighter than the other.

The Werner weighs 93 pounds while the Little Giants weighs 50 lbs. This is because the Little Giants ladder is made of a light wave aluminum, which is 20 percent lighter than other aluminum material.

A lighter ladder is oftentimes preferred by more since it’s easy to carry around and easy to store. So if you want to carry around a lighter ladder that’s easy to park, the Little Giants is a better choice.

3. Stability and sturdiness

When it comes to stability, a ladder is almost always the better option. The more substantial weight would suggest that it has a more solid and stable construction.

Hence, the heavier weight of the Werner is an advantage in terms of stability. The brand also has a flared wide base for better weight distribution. Plus, the anti-slip rubber feet of the Werner adds more stability to the ladder 

The Little Giants, on the other hand, is lighter. But it also has several safety features such as a wide flared base, similar to the Werner. It also has a dual-hinge pin that reinforces the stability of the ladder. 

Overall, we have to give it to the Werner if we are speaking of a more stable and sturdy ladder.

4. Portability

The Werner is heavier than the Little Giants. Thus, it’s more challenging to carry and move it from one place to another.

The Little Giants, on the other hand, is several pounds lighter than the Werner. That’s one thing. And two, it’s equipped with wheels. So this ladder is really meant for transport. You don’t have to exert extra effort in moving the ladder from one place to the other. 

And there, the Little Giants ladder can be folded. Thus, it’s easier to pop in your pickup truck than a full 26 feet Werner ladder. 

5. Additional features

Add ons and upgrades always make the deal a bit sweeter. And of course, the more add ons it has, the better it is.

Both brands have extra features. And you might find them useful or not, depending on your requirements and circumstances. Let’s see what they are

Werner mt-26

The ladder boasts of 37 different working heights. So you can use it for a variety of home repair jobs requiring higher altitudes with ease. And these heights are pretty easy to adjust and lock using the quick and easy spring-loaded j locks.

Little Giants 15426

If you want mobility, wheels are the solution. And Little Giants ladder offers specifically that. As mentioned in one of the sections above, this makes the ladder portable and easy to carry around. Though you might find no use for the wheels if you have a small space. Or you will not use it for other locations, you might not have any use for it.

In a nutshell, we find the extra features of the Werner mt-26 more useful and handy. 

Though the wheels are a great addition to the Little Giants ladder, you would not appreciate it much. Why? Because the ladder itself is very light. So you might not need wheels to make it more portable.

6. Price

So let’s head into the battle of the numbers. Which is more affordable?

The Werner boasts of different sizes and the prices vary accordingly. As for the 26 feet Werner ladder, we find it one of the most affordable ladders in the market. And considering that it’s a multipurpose ladder with a lot of useful extra features, it’s more bang for your buck.

The Little Giants, on the other hand, is a premium brand. So expect a more expensive price tag. 

Final verdict

Little giant ladder vs Werner? Which is the better pick? Werner is a great value for your money. It’s versatile, multipurpose, and affordable with a lot of features that will make your home repairs safer and easier. And if you don’t mind the heavier weight, this ladder can serve your DIY needs without going over your budget. 

Runners up

Now let’s check out other alternatives to the Werner and the Little giant ladder. You might also find these ladders useful for your painting and home repairs.

  1. Lifewit L12ft

Similar to the Werner and Little Giants, this ladder is also made of aluminum material. But it’s lighter than the mentioned brands.

What you’ll love about this ladder is that it’s also versatile and multipurpose. It boasts 7 expandable positions, more than what you could get from the Werner. It also has a cheaper and more affordable price tag.

Overall, it’s a great option if you’re looking for a ladder that’s cheaper and has more extendable positions than the Werner.

2. Cosco 13-foot ladder

 This ladder is a tad bit shorter at 21 inches. And it’s lighter than Werner and Little Giants too. Though it isn’t as multipurpose as the two mentioned ladders, you may also use it as a step ladder.

So it’s a good option if you’re looking for a really light yet tall ladder. And it’s easier on the pocket too.

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3. Cosco 8-foot ladder

Though smaller in size, it’s also a 1A ladder. It has the same duty rating as Werner and Little Giants, so rest assured it’s durable and heavy-duty. And it’s a lighter and more portable option than the Werner.

One advantage it has over the Werner and Little Giants is that it has a handle carry. Thus, it’s more portable and easier to carry.

If you’re looking for a sturdy and reliable ladder for changing light bulbs, this is highly recommended. 


How to Choose the Best Ladder for the Job

To determine what ladder you should buy and use for a specific home repair or DIY job, there are four factors to consider.

1. Ladder style

There are different types of the ladder. And using the wrong type for the job can result in accidents and serious injuries. Ladders have varying limitations. And ignoring these can lead to injuries.

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2. Height of the ladder

You have to allot allowances for the height. For instance, extension ladders must be 7-10 feet higher than the contact point. And the safest highest standing level on a step ladder is two steps down from the top.

Attempting to maximize the height can lead to imbalance and of course, accidents would soon follow suit.

3. Duty rating

The duty rating dictates the carrying capacity of a ladder. It also dictates the maximum safe load capacity of a ladder. For instance, a ladder that is constantly used, such as in a construction site should be heavy duty.

4. Material

Ladders are primarily made of 2 types of material- aluminum and fiberglass. Apart from personal preference, it would also depend on the application. For instance, fiberglass is recommended for repairing electrical wires whereas aluminum can be hazardous for this type of job. 


Where is the best place to buy a ladder?

Buying from a physical store is always the best option. Why? Because you get to see and feel how solid the ladder is. It also gives you the liberty to try the ladder so you’re sure that what you’re buying will serve your needs.

Is it safe to buy ladders online?

In the absence of a physical store, buying online is inevitable. Though it’s safe, you have to choose reliable platforms such as Amazon. And make sure to check all the reviews from buyers. So even if you haven’t seen the item yet, you can pick a thing or two from other people’s experiences.

Which is a better material- aluminum or fiberglass?

Aluminum is cheaper and lighter. While fiberglass is heavier, more expensive, and often recommended for repairing electrical wiring. So it depends on your circumstances, preferences, and the type of job.


Little Giant ladder vs Werner, which is the best pick? Our overall comparison showed that Werner could be the better choice as it has more safety features, a more sturdy and solid construction at an affordable price. 

Do take note that the ladder that you’re going to use should always match the job. Otherwise, accidents are bound to happen anytime. 

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